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Our Pipe Organ and Worship Instruments play a vital role in leading and energizing corporate worship.


Our Organ and Worship Instruments



Firstly, the 3-manual instrument (2,913 Pipes) was built in 1955 by Wicks Organ Company of Highland, Illinois.  After. it was extensively rebuilt in 1988 by Delaware Organ Company of Tonawanda, New York.  In addition, work to install new electro-magnetic valve action, some revoicing, new Solid State Relays, and midi capabilities were completed in 2009 by H.H. Ebert, Organ Co. LLC.   All in all, the instrument has 1,867 pipes and 21 note chimes.


Montre                                 8’            61 pipes

Flute Ouvert                        8’            61 pipes

Prestant                               4’            61 pipes

Flute D/Amour                    4’            61 pipes

Doublette                            2’            61 pipes

Fourniture                           IV            244 pipes

Trompette                           8’            61 notes from Swell

Chimes                                               21 notes


Great to Great                    16’

Gt Unison

Great to Great                   4’

Midi to Great



Bordon                                 8’            61 pipes

Dulciana                               8’            61 pipes

Unda Maris T.C.                  8’            49 pipes

Principal                               4’            61 pipes

Cor De Nuit                         4’            61 pipes

Flagolet                                2’            61 pipes

Larigot                                 1 1/3’      61 pipes

Cymbel                                III            183 pipes

Cormorne De Boise           8’            61 pipes



Choir to Choir                    16’        

Ch Unison

Choir to Choir                    4’

Midi to Choir













Bourdon Doux                   16’         12 pipes


Viole De Gambe 8’            61 pipes

Flute A Cheminee             8’            61 pipes

Voix Celeste T.C.               8’            49 pipes

Flute Harmonique            4’            61 pipes

Nazard                               2 2/3’      61 pipes

Octavin                               2’            61 pipes

Tierce T.C.                          1 3/5’     49 pipes

Plein Jeu                             III            183 pipes

Trompette                          8’            61 pipes

Hautbois                             8’            61 pipes



Swell to Swell                     16’

Further, our Organ and Worship Instruments are not only used to lead traditional worship, but also incorporate contemporary and modern aspects of worship as well.  






Yamaha Grand DGX-670

Additionally to the pipe organ we utilize other worship instruments.  Further, the DGX-670 features renowned Yamaha piano touch and tone.  In addition, CFX Stereo Sampling faithfully reproduces the sound of Yamaha’s flagship CFX Full Concert Grand.  By comparison, GHS Weighted action is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys, just like an acoustic piano.  Another feature, Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) allows for vivid and richly varied expression to reflect the limitless number of factors that create the sound of a concert grand piano.  Additionally, dual mode lets you combine two voices together, like piano and strings, for an inspiring new playing experience.  All in all, ¼” microphone input allows you to connect a microphone so you can sing along while you play, hear your voice through the instrument’s speakers, and even record your performance to USB audio.








Malmark Handbells – 4 Octaves


Suzuki ToneChimes – 3 Octaves


Both, our handbells and tonechimes are regularly maintained, polished and adjusted.  Because maintenance is important to us, we recently purchased new handbell cases to maintain proper storage and safe transportation to outreach events.  Both our adults and youth regularly help with maintenance by regularly wiping off the handbells after each rehearsal.  Lastly, we use our handbells and tonechimes in song and also in processionals.








Additionally, a very unique addition to Our Organ and Worship Instruments is our bell carillon.  George J. Schulmerich invented the “electro-mechanical” carillon when he discovered that tiny rods of cast bronze struck with miniature hammers produced audible and pure bell tones that could be amplified electronically to produce a rich, sonorous tone.  Lastly, he called his invention carillonic bells.  Not only can the carillon be played manually from an organ-like console, but also can be programmed to play automatically.  In addition, our carillon plays weekdays at noon and 6p.m. and is programed to play seasonal liturgically appropriate hymns.  Also, we use it both during and following worship, weddings, and funerals.







There are various other percussion instruments, for example wind chimes, tambourines, hand drums, and other hand percussion we incorporate into our worship and musical offerings.  Also, we incorporate guitar, saxophone, trumpet, strings and many other instruments as we have the opportunity.  Additionally, we are always looking to enhance worship and add to our organ and worship instruments.  Therefore, please let us know your instrument and we will try to utilize your musical gift in worship!






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